Mexican Archaeology

Acámbaro Petroglyphs

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El Chivo Mountain located very near the town of Acámbaro is where I took the photos of the petroglyphs below.  This was midway up the mountain.  There, we encouontered a local farmer and his son walking.   He suggested not going on up the mountain.  He said there was "mucho hierba".  Literally translated it would mean a lot of weeds and bushes.  My wife, who is from here, said it could also mean  that there is  things like marijuana planted; and if so, there might be armed men there guarding it.  That, plus the coral snake that crossed the path in front of us, and that we had our 3 year old son with us led us to the immediate decision NOT to go on farther up the El Chivo mountain.
Dr. Spurgeon

The "El Chivo Mountain" taken from the far side of Acámbaro

Town of Acámbaro below, taken from a little below the midpoint of "El Chivo"

Foot of my 3 year old son

A stairway ascending to a cave or a home. 3 stripes are on each side of the stairs.




Petroglyphs on Top of El Chivo symbolizing the Cosmos