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"Waldemar Julsrud Museum"  is your best choice if
                         your interest is in the dino figures.  The
                         museum Director, Miguel Huerta is very
                         helpful and knowledgeable.  It is
                         located on 5 de Febrero street, 2
                         blocks east of 1 de Mayo (the main
                         drag), and on the extreme northern
                         edge of the city near the corner of J.
                         Mina street.
"Acámbaro Local Museum"  has various interests such
                         as mammouth parts.  It is located on
                         Abasolo street near the main square.
"La Paloma"    Recommended...near the central
                         plaza,  good atmosphere, excellent
                         food,  reasonable prices
"Terraza Jardin" - NOT RECOMMENDED!  Noisy
                          all night...neighbor's dog barks half
                          the night.  Says have restaurant
                          BUT its 2 small tables for juice and
                          cereal al breakfast time only.